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Grizzly Industrial Jointer Machines

This category of Grizzly Industrial jointers includes both Grizzly benchtop jointers as well as jointer machines atop economy stands, cabinet stands or mobile bases. You'll find a variety of sizes of woodworking jointers here, ranging from 6"x48" and 6"x46" units to a 12"x84" jointer with spiral cutterhead. You'll also find a 12" 5-hp combination planer/jointer with spiral cutterhead that does the job of two different machines, saving you equipment investment dollars and floor space in your workshop.

The most popular sized jointers found here are the 8-inch models, including an 8"x72" model with a mobile base, an 8"x76" parallelogram jointer, an 8"x72" spiral cutterhead model, an 8"x76" jointer with parallelogram beds and spiral cutterhead, and an 8"x83" helical cutterhead jointer with digital height readout. The choice is yours!