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Grizzly Industrial Forstner Bits

Benjamin Forstner, a 19th century inventor and gunsmith, patented the revolutionary Forstner bit in 1886. This was unlike conventional wood boring bits and was designed to drill smooth-sided holes with flat bottoms. It was also ideal for boring holes at an angle.

Our Grizzly Forstner bits are some of the best Forstner bit sets sold anywhere and are sold here at fantastic discount prices. You'll find a great 16-piece hex shank Forstner bit set, a small Forstner bit set (5-piece) and a large Forstner bit set (31-piece). All but the small set come in attractive and functional fitted wooden cases. The 31-piece Master Set starts at a 1/4"-sized bit and goes on up to a 2-1/8"-sized bit, including every size bit in between in 1/16" increments.