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Grizzly Industrial Downdraft Tables

If you regularly utilize a hand sander in your workshop, one of our new benchtop downdraft tables is just what you need to maintain a cleaner, less dust-laden environment. Our sanding stations also save you time and trouble in cleanup after sanding, and by preventing large amounts of airborne dust while sanding, help make your workshop a safer, healthier environment.

You have a choice of three sizes of Grizzly Industrial downdraft workbench tables here - the 23"X31" H2935, the 28"X39" H2936 and the 28"X79" Extra Long G0631. We also offer a low-priced 18.5"X26" benchtop downdraft sanding table as well as a downdraft table kit that allows you to build your own unit. You'll also find all the filters needed for this equipment.