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Grizzly Industrial Wood Chisels

Our line of professional wood chisels represents some of the best chisels for carpentry you'll find anywhere. The category is broken down into two subcategories: carving chisels, containing more than six dozen specialty chisels, and wood lathe chisels, where you'll find another couple dozen of specialty wood chisels for use on your wood lathe projects. We've become well known here at Woodshop Machinery not only for our great woodshop machines but also for our fine woodworking hand tools. These chisels are no exception.

These are Robert Sorby brand tools, from a two-century-old company known for making the very best in the world. These specialist woodworking tools are made from a unique Sheffield steel alloy used only by Sorby. They are uncompromisingly balanced and maintain razor-sharp edges. Select from a wide array of Japanese chisels, Japanese gouge chisels, straight gouge chisels, veiner chisels, spoon bit gouge chisels and more.