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Grizzly Industrial CNC Laser Cutter/Engraver

We offer several high-quality Grizzly commercial CNC laser cutters here at Woodshop Products, including an affordable 60-watt benchtop model. This 17"X23" CO2 CNC laser engraver for wood, plastic, fabric, vinyl and leather is big on precision and speed yet small in size and cost.

For a larger heavy-duty CNC laser cutter, look to our 100-watt 23"X35" Grizzly CNC mill, model GO873. This unit can engrave in fine detail through numerous types of material at speeds of more than 2360 inches per minute. You can go a step higher with model GO874, a 35"X51" heavy-duty 150-watt CO2 laser cutter/engraver. This easy-to-use model features an intuitive LCD screen, a vented table and an autofocusing laser, and it has Wi-Fi connectivity.